The pursuit of anything

Let’s face it. Moving to a new city is stressful and if I’m honest, a little bit depressing.

Having arrived in London and prevented from working (I”m on a Visit visa situation), I’ve had quite a few months of enjoying London without the need to spend my time doing work for someone else – which is great, right?

Yes, and no – of course.  I mean, it’s lovely to wake up in the morning and think, “What am I going to do today?”.  How empowering.  An international city at your doorstep and not a plan in the world – perfect situation.  After some time, however, that morning thought of “What am I going to do today?” becomes, an “Oh my god, what am I going to do today?”

Now, I’ll be clear – I don’t like playing with the other kids.  I like spending time on my own and I don’t make friends easily – unless I’m seeing the same people day in, day out – then I make friends pretty easily.  So my days are generally spent wandering around the city with lunches being my anchor point of the day.  Focus on going and getting lunch somewhere, then wander around and explore wherever I’ve ended up.

This tactic has served me well for the few months that I’ve been here.  Even with all this excitement, a level of depression as well as a level of frustration and boredom sets in.  This is (well from my point of view) put down to a lack of achievement.  Wow, I haven’t really achieved anything since that bold move to move here.  I haven’t had the million and one little tasks thrown at me like at work and I will certainly not allow the laundry to count as an achievement.

I then remembered a great book, which outlined that you can derive happiness from that sense of achievement – whilst the happiness also comes from the act of pursuing whatever it is that you’re pursuing.  It actually can be anything – Pursue something and you’ll have a reason to spend your days working toward it.  So, what to pursue?

I could travel on every tube line in London!

Doesn’t seem too difficult.  If I’m not mistaken, I’ve already travelled on most – there’s just a few more to go!

tube map

Jubilee Line – Done!

This line was a frequent agenda item in my day – ferrying me from home in Canary Wharf to Oxford St (Bond St) and Green Park with its distinctive ‘Wooosh’ as it takes off from the stations.

Central Line – Done!

Again, another frequented line due to its connection with the DLR – taking me (generally) to the Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush or Oxford St and one (horribly long) journey all the way out to West Ruislip.  Clunky old Central line, eh?

Northern Line – Done!

Taken less frequently than any other line, it helped us get down south to pick up some boxes sent over from Australia and also for a trip up Primrose Hill from Camden Town.  Also accidentally caught and immediate confusion reigns, due to the complicated way that this line snakes through the city – got enough branches and joins???

Victoria Line – Done!

Arguably the busiest line of the Underground, the Victoria line is packed – pretty much every hour of the day.  Take a deep breath and climb aboard!

District Line – Done!

Another staple connection from East / West – we also used this to get out to Bow when looking for rental accommodation or more frequently to Bank station to connect with the DLR.  Fond memory of being caught amongst school kids who were the WORST behaved children I have ever seen in my life – Give the teacher hell, tiny people!

Circle Line – Done!

As per the District line, but also used when I wanted a comfortable journey from Westfield back to Bank (It’s air-conditioned, don’t you know).

Metropolitan Line – Done!

We discovered that this line goes to some relative’s place and is of course also air-conditioned and comfortable – should have known this before we hopped the Central line all the way out west.  Also, seems to be slower than a glacier, but hey – it’s a train.

Waterloo and City Line – Done!

This line popped up onto my radar after I made the decision to visit every tube line – It’s almost pointless, running from Bank station to Waterloo station, but was kind of cool to see the signs that only had 2 stations on them!

Piccadilly Line – Done!

Someone once told me to look out for the suitcases and confused tourists coming from Heathrow.  It didn’t disappoint, together with clunky old trains!  Also this line seems to be suffering from a shortage of trains lately.  Not sure where they went, but hopefully they come back soon.

Bakerloo Line – Done!

Stepping back in time, visiting the Bakerloo line was pretty cool.  Running the oldest trains on the network and also having some of the most quintessential stations in London – reminiscent of the London you used to see on TV in those 60’s re-run – I like this line, purely for its retro appeal and brown cardigan wearing goodness.

Hammersmith and City Line – Done!

Finally – heading up to Baker St on the Bakerloo line to connect with the Hammersmith and City line.  Much the same as the Circle and District lines and an underwhelming way to conclude my pursuit to catch every line in London.

Other Services

Also noting that I have used the Overground and DLR regularly, I have yet to take the TFL rail line or Trams down in Croydon.  I’ve decided that this is stretching the scope of my ‘Every tube line in London’ and will start focusing on something new to accomplish.

So there, something accomplished!

What can I say – it’s not exciting nor glamorous – but it is something that I can say “I’ve been on every tube line in London!” with a smug grin.

What about you?  Is there something that you’ve just pursued for the heck of it?  Is there something that you think I should pursue?  Let me know in a reply below.


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