Park hopping – In search of open space

You know how people are either beach people or park people?  For years, I’ve tried so hard to be a beach person, yet, I just can’t do it.  But put me in a park and I’m a duck to water (on the assumption that ducks don’t really take to the salt water of the beach very often).

While spending a few months in London, I’ve been fortunate enough to experience the creme de la creme of planned parks.  The Royal Parks dotted all over London are simply beautiful.  Providing a much needed respite from the busy (and dirty) streets of London and a perfect place to pop in the headphones, lie under a tree and zone out for a while.

Of course, London isn’t the only place that has wonderful parks – I’m fortunate enough to have grown up in Melbourne (and as you know, I’m here again) which is also blessed with a large amount of open green space dotted around the city.

Whilst I’ve noticed a difference in how Melburnians use this green space (remembering that Melbourne is also a bay city, which has some pretty good bay beaches within a few minutes – meaning you get less of the bikini clad or topless park visitors), however, you’re still sure to find a series of book worms nestled under the trees.

Treasuring green space

Each city knows the value of a decent amount of green space – not only just for the wellbeing of its people, but also for the pure beauty that comes from a lovely garden.

I have found that London (steeped in it’s English heritage) guards its green space and really treasures it.  Wherever there is a sliver of green space, you’ll find Londoners flocking to eat their lunches, relax with a book and of course (in Summer and Spring), taking their clothes off to get as much sun as possible.

Here are some of my favourite snaps from both London and Melbourne – You be the judge of which is the most picturesque locale.



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